• The conversation explores the importance of understanding and advocating for maternal health care, particularly for black women with Nathifa Forde the inaugural Executive Director of NYC Her Future and Deputy Executive Director of the Young Men's Initiative. It emphasizes the need for education, community support, and a more holistic approach to birthing. The guest discusses the systemic barriers faced by black women in maternal health care, including weathering of the womb and biases within the healthcare system. The conversation also highlights the significance of doulas and midwives in providing personalized care and empowering women during the birthing process. The future of black maternal health is envisioned as one that prioritizes community education, supports more midwives and doulas of color, and challenges the monetization of the birthing process.<br /><br />Takeaways<br /><br />Education and understanding of one's body are crucial for maternal health care.<br />Community support and connection are important for better experiences and outcomes.<br />Systemic barriers, such as weathering of the womb and biases in the healthcare system, affect black women's maternal health.<br />Investing in more midwives and doulas of color is essential.<br />Advocacy, asking questions, and trusting one's gut are key in navigating doctor's appointments and the birthing process.<br />The future of black maternal health should prioritize community education, holistic practices, and postpartum care.<br /><br />Learn more about NYC Her Future here: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener"></a><br />

  • Congressman Jamal Bowman discusses the importance of early voting and the need for active participation in elections. He highlights the significance of knowing your district and representatives and emphasizes the power of individual votes. The conversation then shifts to the issues of Black maternal health and the impact of collective and individual trauma on communities of color. Congressman Bowman discusses the need for comprehensive solutions, such as the Momnibus Bill, to address the racial disparities in maternal health. He also emphasizes the importance of grassroots organizing, holding elected officials accountable, and building power within the community. The conversation concludes with a discussion on economic issues, including the need to raise the federal minimum wage and provide universal childcare. Congressman Bowman acknowledges the challenges of implementing policies and emphasizes the importance of local organizing and advocacy. He also addresses the role of political parties in serving the best interests of the Black community and highlights his commitment to listening, learning, and enacting change.<br /><br />Takeaways<br /><br />Participating in early voting and being informed about your district and representatives is crucial for active participation in elections.<br />Black maternal health is a pressing issue that requires comprehensive solutions, such as the Momnibus Bill, to address racial disparities and provide necessary resources and support.<br />Grassroots organizing and holding elected officials accountable are essential for creating change and addressing the needs of the community.<br />Economic issues, including raising the federal minimum wage and providing universal childcare, are important for improving the well-being of working-class individuals and families.<br />Political parties play a role in serving the best interests of the Black community, but there is still work to be done to address racial disparities and advance racial justice.<br />

  • Join Kenya Gipson, Dr. Risikat Busari and Busie Matsiko-Andan as they delve into the intricate relationship between parentification and maternal health in the riveting podcast series, "MEternal." In each episode, these seasoned experts explore the profound impact of parentification—the process by which a child is compelled to take on the role of a parent or caregiver—on the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of mothers.<br /><br />Drawing from their wealth of experience in psychology, sociology, and maternal health advocacy, Dr. Busari and Busie Matsiko-Andan dissect the complex layers of parentification, shedding light on its origins, manifestations, and consequences for maternal health outcomes. Through candid discussions, expert interviews, and personal anecdotes, "MEternal" offers invaluable insights into how parentification shapes maternal identity, relationships, and access to healthcare resources.<br /><br />Whether you're a healthcare professional, a parent, or an individual interested in the intersection of psychology and maternal health, "MEternal" provides a thought-provoking exploration of a phenomenon often overlooked in discussions about women's health. Tune in to "MEternal" and embark on a journey of discovery, empathy, and empowerment as we unravel the profound impact of parentification on the journey to maternal well-being.<br />

  • Dr. Amanda Williams, an OBGYN and part of the California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative, discusses the Low Dose Aspirin Campaign funded by March of Dimes. The campaign aims to prevent preterm birth and preeclampsia, particularly in black birthing people. Low dose aspirin improves blood flow through the placenta and should ideally be started around 12 weeks of pregnancy. The campaign focuses on community outreach and education to ensure that patients and providers are aware of the benefits of low-dose aspirin. The conversation also highlights the importance of trust-building and communication between healthcare providers and patients.<br /><br />

  • Welcome to a thought-provoking episode of MEternal, where @coachkenya delves deep into pressing global issues with influential figures. In this installment, Coach Kenya sits down with esteemed South African politician and @unwomen representative, Dr. Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka. Together, they navigate the intricate landscape of education, women empowerment, and gender equality, exploring their profound impact on maternal health worldwide.<br /><br />Through insightful conversation, Dr. Mlambo-Ngcuka shares her expertise and experiences, shedding light on the interconnectedness of these crucial issues. From the barriers women face in accessing education to the systemic challenges hindering gender equality, every aspect is dissected with clarity and empathy.<br /><br />Join us as we uncover the root causes of the maternal health crisis, unveiling the vital role that education and women empowerment play in its resolution. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of how these fundamental pillars shape the trajectory of societies and pave the way for a more equitable future.<br /><br />Listen to this enlightening discussion on MEternal, available exclusively on @iheartradio.<br />

  • In this episode of MEternal, we delve into the world of fibroid health with Dr. Yan Katsnelson from USA Fibroid Centers. Fibroids are non-cancerous growths that develop in or around the uterus, affecting millions of women worldwide. Early detection and treatment are crucial for managing symptoms and preventing complications.<br /><br />Dr. Yan Katsnelson shares insights into the prevalence of fibroids, common symptoms, and risk factors that every woman should be aware of. Through a comprehensive discussion, listeners will gain a deeper understanding of how fibroids can impact daily life and overall well-being.<br /><br />Moreover, Dr. Yan Katsnelson sheds light on the importance of early detection methods, such as regular pelvic exams and ultrasound screenings, in identifying fibroids before they become symptomatic. By recognizing the signs early on, women can seek timely medical intervention and explore various treatment options tailored to their individual needs.<br /><br />From minimally invasive procedures to innovative technologies, Dr. Yan Katsnelson explores the advancements in fibroid treatment and emphasizes the importance of patient-centered care in improving outcomes and quality of life.<br /><br />Tune in to this informative episode as we empower women to take charge of their fibroid health, debunk myths surrounding the condition, and navigate the journey towards optimal well-being with expert guidance from Dr. Yan Katsnelson and USA Fibroid Centers.<br /><br />

  • Tatyana Ali shares her personal journey in the black maternal health space and the importance of community support. She discusses her traumatic birth experience and the need for reproductive justice. Ali emphasizes the impact of racism and bias on maternal health outcomes and the need for advocacy and education. She highlights her partnership with March of Dimes and their work in addressing maternal care deserts. Ali also shares her upcoming project of creating and selling blankets to support midwives and doulas in underserved communities.<br />

  • Welcome to another empowering episode of "MEternal," where we dive deep into the critical topic of Black maternal health. In this episode, we focus on finding the right healthcare provider, a crucial aspect of ensuring a safe and positive pregnancy journey for Black mothers.<br /><br />The statistics are stark: Black women in the United States are disproportionately affected by pregnancy-related complications and maternal mortality rates. Often, this disparity can be attributed to systemic issues within the healthcare system, including biases, lack of cultural competence, and inadequate access to quality care.<br /><br />In this enlightening episode, we'll explore strategies for overcoming these challenges and finding the right provider who understands and respects the unique needs of Black mothers. We'll hear from experts in the field, including healthcare professionals, advocates, and mothers themselves, who share their insights and experiences.<br /><br />Dr. Peggy Roberts discusses the importance of culturally competent care and how it can positively impact maternal health outcomes. We'll also delve into the role of midwives and doulas in providing personalized support during pregnancy and childbirth, particularly for Black women who may benefit from additional advocacy and empowerment.<br /><br />Additionally, we'll provide practical tips and resources for Black mothers seeking to navigate the healthcare system, including questions to ask potential providers, red flags to watch out for, and strategies for advocating for their own care.<br /><br />Join us as we empower Black mothers to take control of their maternal health journey, find the right provider, and receive the quality care they deserve. Together, we can work towards a future where every Black mother receives the support and respect, she needs to thrive during pregnancy and childbirth.<br />

  • This episode of MEternal is co-hosted by March of Dimes CEO Dr. Elizabeth Cherot and features Maternal Health Advocate, Filmmaker, and March of Dimes Board Member Tonya Lewis Lee. As a creator, Tonya has used storytelling as an innovative tool to bring the conversation around black maternal health to the mainstream. Tonya continues to create social impact through her synergistic service and work with March of Dimes, by bridging the between access and resources to create more equitable health solutions in communities of color.<br /><br />

  • Cardiovascular Complications make motherhood unsafe for African American women. This episode of MEternal with Kenya Gipson @coachkenya, Dr. Elizbeth Cherot of @marchofdimes, and Dr. Joseph Puma of @sorinmedical uncovers what women of color can do to protect themselves and their babies from severe complications during and after pregnancy. Access directly affects health outcomes in communities of color compared to other races. This conversation brings forth these cultural barriers to the forefront.<br /><br />

  • MEternal Live from the 2023 Mental Wealth Expo! Co-hosted by Danisha Baughn, we discuss building mental strength, experiencing healing, and gaining a healthier mindset featuring: Dr. Ashley-Lowe Simmons, Minister Vinnette Williams, Ashlee Muhammad and Elena Brown.

  • Surviving Sepsis

    December 14th 2023

    The MEternal Podcast sits down with Busie Matsumoto-Andan who birthed a child with sepsis. We discuss her journey in saving her daughter's life through self-advocacy.<br />

  • Motherhood & Mogulhood

    December 7th 2023

    The MEternal Podcast sits down with moderator Danisha Vaughn and Panelists Cynthia Bailey &amp; Britni Ricard to discuss motherhood and mogulhood at the 2023 Mental Wealth Expo!

  • This week we sit down with March Of Dimes CEO, Dr. Elizabeth Cherot, to discuss the March of Dimes Report Card for New York. This conversation discusses why preterm birth rates are higher in communities of color. In addition to the health and socioeconomic determinants mothers of color are most vulnerable to and what March of Dimes is doing to improve health outcomes in communities of color.

  • Dad Gang

    November 22nd 2023

    This LIVE podcast took place at Mental Wealth Expo and was moderated by NFL Veteran Marcus Smith. The conversation discussed the important role black father’s play in building a strong foundation in communities of color. This collective group “Dads” (Styles P, Larry Morrow, Dr. Jeff Rocker, Sean Williams, Roger Milliner, Cordney Mac Wilds took on the complexities of parenthood and how the presence of black fathers in a household plays a vital role in changing the societal narrative around black men and their connection to fatherhood.

  • The MEternal Podcast sits down Elena D. of Get Well With Elle and Dr. Ashley Lowe-Simmons to talk the connection between maternal health and mental health, as well as holistic maternal health solutions for a healthy pregnancy.

  • Live from the Mental Wealth Expo, The MEternal Podcast sits down Tonya Lewis Lee, Shawnee Gibson, and Nastassia K. Harris of the Perinatal Equity Network to talk the black maternal health crisis and self advocacy<br /><br />

  • This episode features actress, model and wellness advocate Cynthia Bailey as she shares her story of managing mother and how her experience with fibroids and pregnancy has helped to shape her wellness journey and advocacy.

  • This episode features Mental Health and Maternal Advocate Ashlee Muhammad. Ashlee shares her story about motherhood and how she leveraged her insecurities to teach other mothers of color to self advocate and become more confident when expressing their feelings during and after pregnancy.

  • Angie Martinez shares her journey through pregnancy, life and motherhood. This episode encourages mothers of color to find the right healthcare and support team during pregnancy and ways moms can overcome the challenges of managing motherhood, career, and life.